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3 min readJun 23, 2021

The beauty of the studio model lies in leveraging economies of scale and building a factory-like environment to build our companies. We need to tailor our activities to a certain kind of startup in order to get better and faster at building them.

When we first got together, we researched trends and developments in the market, thought about our domain knowledge and most of all: our passion for different problems and industries. The more we dug into the topic, the more we found out that it is more the kind of companies we were drawn to, than the industries we wanted to build for. We decided on several main characteristics of trive companies that you find below

Power of the Many

We do not want to use the resources of our team to build nice-to-have companies that might make a lot of money if you throw a lot of marketing cash at it. We want to use our time to contribute to companies whose products and services empower the masses.

Really benefiting the “bottom 99%” is what we aim for with trive.

One would think that this is probably the norm with innovative products and services. But if you think about it, you will surely come up with several currently hyped companies which merely make your everyday life more fun or frictionless, but not really making any difference for the future of their markets.

How are we going to do that? We definitely prefer crowd- & platform business models for all our companies. These business models are gaining popularity every day and give huge opportunities to scale. What is more, we want to leverage network effects for the businesses we’re building by focusing on B2B(2C) marketplaces & platforms.


Our products and services are human-centred but technology-friendly.

Even though we do not want to focus on one single tech stack exclusively (say, blockchain businesses) we firmly believe in the power of technology. We see it as the crucial ingredient to scale the impact of our solutions.

Relevance & Impact

We touched upon it in the first point. We only build companies where we are convinced that their offer will be relevant in 10+ years from now. For that to happen, the solution needs to rethink entire systems and not just change one point of the equation. What is more, we want to build companies that address the fundamental needs of the masses (looking at you, Maslow) and therefore we build in the industries of Housing, Mobility and Work.

All our businesses are made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. This will also mean that we will commit with every single startup on using an impact measurement tool, as well as on the portfolio level. Come back in a few months to find out more about our results.

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