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3 min readJul 20, 2021

When we got together to create trive studio, one thing became immediately clear to us: our team equals our success.

If you are building startups from the ground up repeatedly, the promise you are making to yourself and others is that you are creating exceptional companies. That means that your core team is the greatest asset you have to reach that goal. Our highest priority is to create a kick-ass team of driven people, who believe in the vision of trive and want to give their everything to reach it.

The people we are searching for love the vision of a new working world where they can come and contribute as their whole self. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, read Laloux’s “Reinventing Organizations” (for the pros: of course we strive to become a teal organisation). Many of the people we are talking to get excited when we explain how we are setting up team structure and how important our values are for us. They are often frustrated with the stiff structures they are stuck in their current jobs. Most companies keep on letting their people down when it really comes to show trust and value to them. This often leads to a struggle to retain their best people and presents an advantage for value-driven companies like ours!

initial trive team © Tim Ertl

At the core of our team culture is full transparency. We live transparency through different ways such as opening the salary structure to all team members or being completely open about all developments (good or bad) in the company. Entrepreneurship is our second guiding principle. We are searching for entrepreneurial, hands-on builders. This is why every team member is also participating in the financial success of our portfolio, rewarding them as the entrepreneurs they are. Further, every team member has full responsibility, but also full decision making power for their role. You will not find any hierarchical decision making structures at trive, nor inefficient decision-making processes that include everyone if it is not key for the decision at hand.

Besides these structural decisions, we check every new team member — at least on the same level as skills — for a mindset and vision fit. This means that we defined values, that we are taking very seriously. Below, you find a list of traits that are essential for our team:

Entrepreneurial People

  • We are hands-on, proactive and believe we can actively shape our society.
  • We are solution-focused and always keep improving the status quo.
  • We live a value-centred culture of doing and prefer doing over talking.

Visionary People

  • We believe that entrepreneurship can change the world.
  • We believe that technology plays a crucial role in bringing societal progress to the people.
  • We believe in a new way of doing business and in reinventing the economy for good.

Authentic People

  • We act with integrity in and outside of our work lives.
  • We are honest and transparent in and outside of work.
  • We are quietly confident and openly humble team players.

Open-Minded & Kind People

  • We value diversity in all its dimensions amongst all our stakeholders.
  • We stay open-minded and treat people with respect regardless of their opinion.
  • We recognize that we can only thrive as a team and always act in its best interest.

Performance-Driven People

  • We thrive in high-performance environments and love to contribute to them.
  • We constantly learn and grow and are willing to share our know-how.
  • We inspire others by thinking big and our thirst for excellence.

In the process of searching for team members, it became obvious, what many company-culture-preachers have been telling us for years: great company culture is no burden, it’s a strategic advantage that helps you to attract exactly the minds you need to let your tribe thrive!

If you want to work with us, please reach out anytime via office@trive.studio

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